Thursday, August 19, 2010

Post #3

I dont really know how often im going to be doing these blogs but i really like doing them... Ill let you guys know about my group of freinds. Just cuz i can ^_^

HAHAHAHA oh these guys. They have had my back since ive met them. Who have now become my best freinds! Even tho Taylor isnt going to be going to santa monica college with Aaron and Marcos more fun times and adventures will happend!
Oh little brother!!!! Hahaha! we have been thru sooo much together and i know he has had my back for so long! He have been an amazing freind for over a year!!! Its remarkable how we have ended up where we are today! I cant wait untill October 8th when we shuffle the night away.

Team Marine! These guys have kept me going thru my junior and my sr. year of High School. I have had some of the best memories with these guys. From camping singing songs by Queen to being on Teen Nick. I will dearly miss my girls that will be going away to college..sooooo much i dont think they will ever know how much they have impacted my life. And for the guys, ill see you at SMC! :D
Well its almost 2am in the morning..... im done for the night, more will be posted in the future!

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